2009 Blue & Gold Dinner

The 2009 Blue & Gold will feature a pot-luck dinner. Here are more details:

Amherst Pack 613
2009 Blue & Gold Banquet
Saturday, February 14th

It’s a potluck affair! This year each family is being asked to bring a food item to share as part of the Blue & Gold banquet. The pack will provide all drinks, desserts and papergoods. Please see the list below for your food item category and examples of the types of things each category contains.

If your cub scout is currently a:

Webelos 1 or 2: Meats/Main Dishes
Examples: Meatballs, ham, turkey, deli-style sandwiches, casseroles, pasta & sauce, sausages & peppers, lasagna

Bear: Finger Foods/Munchies/Appetizers
Examples: nachos & salsa, veggies & dip, cheese & crackers, fruit tray, devilled eggs, appetizers (pigs in blankets, mini egg rolls, mini quiches)

Tiger or Wolf: Salads & Side dishes
Examples: Green salad, pasta salad, bean salad, coleslaw, potato salad, other veggie side dishes, baked beans, rice dishes etc.

Things to keep in mind:

Due to food allergy issues, please DO NOT bring any items containing peanuts, tree nuts or seafood.

Over 200 people are expected to attend this event, so please provide sufficient quantity for at least 12 people.

Please label all containers and serving pieces with your name. It is important that you provide serving pieces for your dish (two would be extra helpful as the food line will travel down both sides of the table).

The awards ceremony will take place before the dinner portion of the program. We do not have access to the kitchen, so all foods needing to be warmed or cooled should be transported in crock pots or thermal packs as appropriate (there are limited electrical outlets available).

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