Pats Peak Tubing

Contact Pats Peak Group Sales, moc.kaepstap|ycarT#moc.kaepstap|ycarT about 6-8 weeks prior to desired date. (603) 428-3245

Scout Weekend is the second weekend in March. We don’t have to go to that, although scouts get a cool patch if they do.

2007 prices and times: 1-5PM $15 each

Tracy will reserve unpaid slots for us as long as they don't start to get encroached by other groups. As soon as that begins happening, she will phone you and say you need to send in the money. I would put out an email for the event to the Pack and begin collecting money at the January meet or sooner.

She will hold the tickets at the Group Sales Window for you to pick up before the event. In the past, they have not been willing to hold tickets for individuals, so you have to pick up the bulk of them and re-distribute them yourself.

Give clear directions to Scouts on when and from who to pick up tickets, or you'll find yourself waiting for the late tubers to arrive while you watch everyone have all the fun.


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