Scouting For Food

Welcome Leaders and scouts to the Scouting for food “Good turn” service project!

Event specifics:

Who: All Pack Scouts
When: Bag Drop Off on a Saturday in the fall
Back Pick up and delivery to the Milford Armory, one week later

Instructions: First, safety is of the utmost importance. All scouts should Be IN uniform and escorted by an adult. In some prior years we have not had the tiger cubs involved but we have enough routes such that they can be active participants this year. Some streets can be busy so use caution when/if crossing the street. It is usually best to canvas on side of the street first, then reverse and complete the other side so as not to be crossing. Please have the hazard lights on when driving along your route.

For Bag Drop off: Routes have been assigned. Please stick to your route. Bags can be picked up Saturday AM, after 9:00 at the meetinghouse. The bags can and should be hung on doors that appear to be the most common entrance and exit from the house. If it is windy, consider tying the bag to the door knob with a single cross knot. The other option is to tie the bag to the mailbox post. I’ve heard is actually illegal to use a mailbox for anything other than US Mail so don’t place a bag in the mailbox. You can drop your bags off any time on the bag drop-off day.

For Bag Pick UP: cover the same route as you did the prior week. You may begin bag pick up after 9:00AM but before 11:00. If there isn’t a bag visible, assume the folks did not participate. We will AGAIN meet at the Meetinghouse on route 101a (near the post office). before dropping your bags off at the truck, each den should complete a count of the items they have – total bags and total items in each bag. Please separate glass items and bag separately and provide a count. Do this before delivering the bags to the truck – it gets congested and confusing. When we deliver to the armory, they will be looking for item counts so it is very helpful to have this done ahead of time.

If you have extra bags left over and the street you live on does not appear to have bags put out by early afternoon on bag drop-off day, you may put bags out on your street. You will need of course to be sure to pick up those bags on bag pick-up day.

Bags and bag accounting slips will be provided on bag pick-up day from 9:00 to 10:30 AM at the meetinghouse.

Pack 613 has delivered over 3,000 pieces of food to the armory in the past. Let’s keep up the good work!

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