Tiger Cub
tigercubbadge.jpgThese are the requirements as they appear in the 2001 edition of the Cub Scout Tiger Cub Handbook (#34713).

To begin his path to the Tiger Cub Rank, a boy must do the following to earn the Tiger Cub immediate recognition emblem:

Learn the Tiger Cub Motto: Search, Discover, Share
Learn the Cub Scout Sign
Learn the Cub Scout Salute

Once he earns the immediate recognition emblem, to earn the Tiger Cub rank the Tiger Cub Scout must complete a Family Activity, a Den Activity, and a "Go See It" Activity in each of five Achievement Areas:

1. Making My Family Special

2. Where I Live

3. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe

4. How I Tell It

5. Let's Go Outdoors

As he completes each Achievement, he is awarded a bead which is hung from the Totem.

The Tiger Cub Badge is for boys who complete all parts of the five achievements and earn their 15 beads.


Use this log to keep track of your Tiger Achievements:
Tiger Cubs Achievements Log.xls

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